• 15Oct
    Written By Tela Kayne

    The doctors who use the BAX 3000 Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy for these children are experiencing tremendous success, and families are noting big improvements in their affected child's response to these stresses. Overall behavior is improving, and the children who receive this therapy are feeling better in general. BAX 3000 has also shown success in reducing symptoms of eczema and other chronic skin conditions in children. Here are a few success stories!

  • 27Jul
    Written By Tela Kayne

    A recent study "Probiotic Effects on Cold and Influenza-like Symptom Incidence and Duration in Children" published in the Journal of Pediatrics found that probiotics reduce symptoms and duration of colds and flu. The study involved 326 children ages 3-5 treated with either a placebo, a single probiotic or a combination of probiotics twice daily for 6 months. The probiotics used were Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, or L acidophilus NCFM in combination with Bifidobacteriumanimalis subsp lactis. Results indicated that the probiotics reduced the duration and incidence of fever, coughing, runny nose.

  • 29Apr
    Written By Tela Kayne

    While I don't want to add to the hype any more than necessary when it comes to the potentially pandemic swine flu, I still feel it's important to be informed on the issue to protect the health of your family. Treehugger recently posted an article that gives a unique point of view on this outbreak.