• 26Apr
    Written By Tela Kayne

    Earth Day was April 22nd, and we celebrated it as a family outdoors and exploring Mother Nature's finest. As we walked the trails looking for the perfect climbing tree and sucking honeysuckle, I began to reminisce about my childhood and how much time I was able to spend outside. And while at present, I do my best to ensure that my children grow to appreciate nature the same way I did as a child and still do, I can't help but wonder what will be left of the great outdoors by the time they have their own children.

  • 19Feb
    Written By Tela Kayne

    Given the tough economic times, many families may forgo their green lifestyles in order to save money. However in many cases you can save money by choosing healthier and/or green alternatives. Below are some suggestions for how to stay green and save green!