• 08Jan
    Written By Tela Kayne

    I've always felt that the increase in developmental disorders in children had something to do with the many chemicals and toxins they are exposed to, whether it be artificial colors and preservatives in processed food, preservatives in vaccines, pesticides used on produce and in lawn care, phthalates in plastics, heavy metals, chemicals like formaldahyde found in furniture, fire retardants in pajamas and mattresses, or the thousands of chemicals used in household cleaners. At some point the body becomes overloaded and unable to defend itself, and I believe children are especially susceptible due to their rapid growth and relative size. I'm incredulous over the fact that it's taken so long to finally look at these environmental factors as a potential cause of Autism and hope that future studies will help shed some light on the potential dangers that threaten the development, health and wellness of our children.