Keeping Kids' Art

As you start to introduce children to the world of arts and crafts and especially once children start to attend school, you will find yourself wondering what to do with all of the work. And if you’re like me, it is very difficult to throw anything way that your child created, especially in the beginning.

Below is a list of ideas for how to preserve your child’s artwork:

Sort It: Choose favorites to keep – toss others.

Recycle It: Wrap gifts in pieces of art.

Give It: Write a letter on the back and send to friends & relatives.

Display It: Create a gallery using clothesline or inexpensive frames.

Photograph It: Photo all the art and keep a photo file.

Laminate It: Laminate to create placemats.

Bind It: Buy a quality portfolio & create a coffee table book.

Screensaver It: Scan the art. Create a book or calendar online. ( or

Keepsake It: Order T-Shirts, coffee mugs, totes, mouse pads, etc… decorated with your child’s work. ( or

Preserve It: Transfer and enlarge our child’s art onto a museum quality canvas. (

Stamp It: Create customized postage of your kids artwork. (

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