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    A few nights ago at a local restaurant, a waitress made a comment to my husband and I that her 7 year old son is starting to take his toys for granted. She said he received around $1500 in toys for Christmas, including a Nintendo Wii, but that his first question after opening all of his gifts was, "Why didn't you get me a Playstation 3?" This has stuck with me for several days as I look around my daughters' playroom filled to the max with toy after toy. How do I avoid spoiling my children in a world where materialism and instant gratification are so rampant?

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    Decorating the nursery is a special and important part of welcoming a new addition to your family. However, so many household products are filled with toxins that it’s difficult to find a way to make your baby’s space free from dangerous fibers and chemicals. Here are a few of Modernize’s best ways to help you create a beautiful, safe place for your little one. Room decoration When painting and decorating your new nursery, choose paints free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and make sure to air the room out after painting and carpeting. If you want to stay away from wall to wall carpet, as it can hold onto dust and other allergens, choose rugs made from natural organic cottons,

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