• 29Dec
    Written By Tela Kayne

    A few nights ago at a local restaurant, a waitress made a comment to my husband and I that her 7 year old son is starting to take his toys for granted. She said he received around $1500 in toys for Christmas, including a Nintendo Wii, but that his first question after opening all of his gifts was, "Why didn't you get me a Playstation 3?" This has stuck with me for several days as I look around my daughters' playroom filled to the max with toy after toy. How do I avoid spoiling my children in a world where materialism and instant gratification are so rampant?

  • natural-cleaning-products-for-bathroom
    Written By Tela Kayne

    More than 150 chemicals found in your home are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and physiological disorders. Natural cleaning products allow you to maintain a healthy environment for your family!

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