The goal of this website is to become the natural child care resource for discerning parents and the only way to achieve that is with the feedback and participation of parents like you! So please feel free to leave your comments! 

Tela {founder}

I am a mother to four amazing daughters. When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest, I started reading every pregnancy and child care resource I could find to prepare for her arrival. Since then, every question I have related to raising my children brings me to a bookstore, library or the internet to research. At first, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information available to parents and it surprised me how much the opinions varied. After years of absorbing countless opinions on various child care topics and listening to friends and family on their own child rearing philosophies and challenges (and with a helpful push from my husband Joshua), I decided to develop this website to combine the various parenting resources with real life experience and with an organic twist. I hope to help both new and experienced parents by filtering the various parenting resources and provide what I feel is the most pertinent and reliable information that is naturally inspired.

Jennifer {editor}

I’m the mother of two adorable children, a girl (5) and a boy (3). Parenting presents itself with a wealth of new experiences and decisions to be made. My parenting philosophy is based on a healthy body, healthy mind approach. Not only do I suffer from asthma, my family suffers from cancer, high blood pressure, and mental illness. I scour the internet for information on how to reduce the chances of these illnesses to give my children the strongest minds and bodies possible. My daughter suffers from Auditory Defensiveness, a sensory processing disorder. Controlling her diet and physical activity, while arming myself with information, allows me to be the best parent I can be for her. Experience breeds perspective, and I look forward to sharing mine and reading yours.


Dana: A full-time working, Florida mommy of 2 boys, Nathan (May 2005) & Gabriel (August 2007) who reads, reads, reads!

Mandy B. (Dog-Ma): A “green” California mommy of son Noah (March 2007) committed to organic living

Mandy V.: A Florida mommy committed to healthy nutrition for her daughter Giavanna (February 2005)

Eileen: Elementary Art Teacher for many years and Britton & Laurel’s grandma!

Mary: Reference Librarian, former Elementary school teacher and Britton & Laurel’s grandma!

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