Babyminding Review: PlanetBox Lunch System

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PlanetBox Lunch System

Like a lot of moms of school-aged children, I prefer to pack a healthy lunch for my kids most days of the week. This year I decided to give the  PlanetBox lunch system a try when I was looking for a new school lunch solution for my kids. This is my personal review of the product. I did not receive the product for review. I purchased it myself and have not been asked by anyone to review it. Now, let’s get down to the good stuff!

The problem I had when packing lunches for my two little ones was that I was wasting a significant amount of food when using individually packaged carrot sticks and apple slices. When I wasn’t wasting food, I was wasting zipper bag after zipper bag trying to pack just the right amount of fruits, veggies, and crackers. I wanted a simpler and less wasteful solution to packing healthy lunches for my kids and one that allowed me to pack more organic produce. The PlanetBox seemed like the perfect solution, but I was wary of the price. After some research, I decided it was worth the money and purchased one for each of my children, and I’m so glad I did! Find below the pros and cons of the system, and decide for yourself!


  • It is stainless steel instead of plastic, so no worries about BPA or other pesky chemicals, and it’s very easy to clean.
  • This product offers five “just right” segmented areas for a varied and healthy lunch, reinforcing portion control and healthy choices.
  • It significantly reduces food and packaging waste and is a great option for eco-minded families.
  • PlanetBox offers carrying cases that act as traditional lunch boxes with a pouch to hold a thermos, which is something the Bento Box was missing.
  • It’s durable. We are finishing week four of the new year and so far there are no signs of wear on either the lunch kit or the carrying case.


  • It is quite heavy when packed, especially when you add a cold pack and thermos. Since my child with Asperger Syndrome needs “heavy work” to calm her nervous system, the weight isn’t an issue for us, but for preschool children it could be.
  • The upfront cost is significantly higher than your run-of-the mill lunch box. Again, I feel I’m saving money in the long run by avoiding wasted food, so the cost was worth it for me.

While the upfront cost of the PlanetBox won’t be an easy pill to swallow for some, this is a great solution for those looking to reduce waste at lunch time. I also feel it provides a great opportunity to speak to your children about making an investment in a worthwhile product, and caring for that item properly so that it can be enjoyed and used for years to come.

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