Earth Day 2012: Going Greener as a Family

Written by Tela Kayne

Earth Day was April 22nd. We celebrated it as a family by being outdoors and exploring Mother Nature’s finest treasures. As we walked the trails looking for the perfect climbing tree and sucking honeysuckle, I began to reminisce about my childhood and how much time I was able to spend outside playing in creeks, climbing trees and forging new paths through the woods. While at present, I do my best to ensure that my children grow to appreciate nature the same way I did as a child and still do, I can’t help but wonder what will be left of the great outdoors by the time they have their own children.  And so begins my commitment to going even greener!

Green Disposable Coffee Cups

Composting: I’ve been wanting to compost for years but just haven’t started yet. Maybe it’s the idea of keeping garbage around and the possibility of attracting rodents that’s kept me from taking the plunge. This is the year we will compost and begin purchasing compostable products when feasible.  I’ve had my eye on the Envirocycle Original Composter, which has gotten great reviews on Amazon. We are expecting another baby next month and already have a stockpile of compostable diapers from Nature Babycare. In addition,  one of my daily habits is a cup of coffee in the morning. When I’m on the go, I will make sure I use Repurpose Compostables which are the most innovative, green coffee cups around. These insulated plant-based cups are nontoxic, use 65% less C02 to produce and can be composted in 90 days.

Bee More Appreciative: The bee population is at risk and without bees, ultimately there is no fresh produce.  The decline of the bee population and colony collapse disorder is said to be due to overuse of pesticides and possibly even related to the development of genetically modified organisms (GMO).  As a family, we’ve already eliminated harmful pesticides from our home and garden, and we eat organic as much as we can. We will also continue to support organizations that fight the overuse of these pesticides and research into the safety of GMO. I will continue to teach my children the value of bees and hopefully minimize their freak-outs when one comes near.  I think that lesson will extend to all living creatures, as they all have a purpose on this earth (except maybe roaches…blech!)

Reduce Consumption: Over the years, I have really tried to reduce the frequency of new purchases and instead reuse and buy used.  This is a difficult task for a passionate shopper who’s true nature is to stay on top of the latest trends! I’ll continue to do my best to reduce, reuse and recycle. When I do buy new, I will support green companies who’s efforts are aligned with my own eco-friendly practices.

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 What steps are you taking to make your family a little greener? Please share by leaving a comment!

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