Resolve to Absolve My Green Guilt

Written by Tela Kayne

I’ve been looking at past New Year’s posts here on Babyminding and I’m feeling a heavy dose of green guilt. I’ve shared with you over the years my various resolutions to live a healthier and greener lifestyle. And while I have made great strides to achieve these goals, I can’t help but feel guilty over the things I have not yet changed or the stumbles along my path to ultimate “green” status. And so in my resolve to absolve myself of this “green guilt” I must now share all my failings in the hopes that these confessions will give you some food for thought and me a fresh start.

Guilty Pleasure #1 – Paper Towels

This is a most terrible eco-sin but so hard to break. I’ve tried sponges, washcloths, reusing baby burp cloths (which are great for cleaning by the way) and other more eco-friendly alternatives. But, I still keep a supply of paper towels on hand for those quick cleanups and moments when an alternative is not handy (or clean – If you know me well you know I despise doing laundry!)

Guilty Pleasure #2 – Chick fil A

I can’t believe I’m admitting it for the world to see on a blog that presupposes that I am a crunchy mama who only eats organic. But alas, since I spent much of my youth in the South, my love for CFA started early and never waned. And yes I know the breading is made with MSG, and I am certain that the potatoes are GMO and most definitely NOT organic (not to mention fried and terrible for me). But I simply can’t deny myself the pleasure…

Guilty Pleasure #3 – Keurig Coffee Maker with K-Cups

I think myself a bit of a coffee snob and never thought I could make the switch from a drip coffeemaker to a Keurig but at the urging of my husband I finally succumbed to his wishes and bought one. It is so incredibly fast and convenient, very little mess and perfect for entertaining. And while the K-cups are made of plastic and not very eco-friendly due to their disposable nature, the personal benefits outweigh the what’s good for the world guilt. Oh and the organic green tea K-cup makes a perfect cup!

Guilty Pleasure #4 – All things computer / smartphone / pda / ipad

I am surrounded by EMF emitting wireless devises on a daily basis and due to my work (and leisure) I spend much of the day behind a screen. It is most definitely NOT good for me and the sheer number of devices I own is much to feel guilty about! Once they’ve become obsolete and must be disposed of, I plan to recycle them as best as I can, but there are still many toxic elements to each device that cannot be entirely offset.

Okay that’s all I’m willing to admit to in public format (for now). Please understand that whatever we preach on this blog in terms of health, green living, etc… comes from a genuine place. And while we strive to live the best “green” life we can, we are HUMAN and we slip up from time to time. We enjoy conveniences as much as anyone, and above all we understand the struggle and commitment it takes to try and change a habit or lifestyle.

So now that I have been absolved of my green guilt, I resolve for 2011 that I will continue on my path to “green” and healthy, but won’t feel guilty if I stumble a time or two – just please don’t think poorly of me if you happen to see me in line at Chick-Fil-A!

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  1. After reading this blog I just have to recommend my book, Spit That Out: The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt ( I speak to many other moms who deal with this same eco-anxiety / green guilt / debilitating impossibility to find the RIGHT toys and the RIGHT answers! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story.

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