Is This A Healthy Dinner? Easy Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry

Written by jenstate

Making a quick healthy dinner for your family when you are short on time can be difficult. Babyminding continues it’s “Is This A Healthy Dinner?” series with a quick and easy stir fry that is kid-friendly. I love stir fry as a complete meal in a bowl, and this version is hearty and much healthier than take out or fast food.

Tuesday Night Dinner
One pound of stir fry beef strips
A cup or more of fresh broccoli florets
One can water chestnuts, drained
A quarter cup or more if desired of unsalted peanuts
A splash or rice vinegar if desired
A splash of soy sauce if desired
All natural stir fry sauce from Trader Joe’s (Check your local grocer for other all natural brands)
Boil-in-bag whole grain rice

Brown your meat in a little olive oil, add your broccoli until partially cooked, then add all other ingredients (except rice) and simmer. Start preparing your rice as your meat browns, and you can have this easy, healthy dinner on the table in about 30 minutes. You can also make your own stir fry sauce, but when pressed for time the all-natural prepared versions are a great option. The next question is did my family eat this healthy dinner? I’m happy to report they did! I was worried about how my oldest daughter, who has sensory processing disorder, would feel about all these different textures being in one bowl. She liked everything but the water chestnuts, and that really wasn’t a surprise. Everyone in the family gave this meal a thumbs up, and we will be making it again soon. It has protein from the meat and peanuts, whole grains from the rice, and vitamins, calcium, and antioxidants from the broccoli. So tell me, internet, do you think your family would eat this quick healthy dinner? Babyminding wants to know!

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