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School is in full swing at our house and it’s getting harder and harder to ensure we have a healthy dinner at home rather than eating out or ordering pizza! In the fourth installment of Babyminding’s “Is This A Healthy Dinner?” series, we have breakfast food for dinner along with fresh fruits and veggies. This meal took 15 minutes to prepare and is much healthier than fast food. I can’t think of an easier dinner to make when you are out of time and have hungry kids!

Free range, cage-free scrambled eggs with a touch of sea salt and grated cheese
Low-sodium turkey bacon
Carrot sticks
Raw broccoli



I think everyone can agree that this meal is healthier than fast food, and you can have it ready in half the time is takes to order pizza. There are just some nights where I run out of time to plan a meal, and having breakfast for dinner is something my kids will eat without a problem. They even eat their fresh veggies with no arguments! So what is wrong with this dinner? Only part of the produce is organic – sometimes organic just isn’t available when I’m shopping, but I still feel eating fresh, raw produce (whether it’s organic or not) is better than french fries or some other fried food. Also, the low-sodium turkey bacon contains added sodium nitrates and “2% or less” of some other things I can’t pronounce. We consider bacon a “sometimes food” in this house since it isn’t healthy, but we opt for the low-sodium turkey variety to save fat, calories, and salt. This meal is packed with protein, calcium, beta-carotene, anti-oxidants, and vitamin c.

Do you think this is a healthy dinner alternative? What do you have for dinner on those busy nights where you run out of time? How do you avoid fast food? Babyminding wants to know!

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