The Power of Vitamin D - From Preventing Illness to Healthier Pregnancies

Written by jenstate

Vitamin D continues to be in the news, and Babyminding has written about it before. From fighting viruses like the flu to healthy pregnancies and mental health, optimal Vitamin D levels have been associated with wellness for years. New information is always coming in from different sources about the importance of  this vitamin for preventative wellness. In this post, we explore a couple of recent articles about Vitamin D and why it’s important for your family.

With school starting back and September almost here, cold and flu season is upon us. I know there are a lot of parents out there wary of the flu vaccines we have available today. While we all want to protect our families, sometimes we don’t know who to trust or what to believe when it comes to the safety and efficacy of flu vaccines and over the counter cold remedies. Since prevention is better than cure, why not explore natural ways to boost our immune systems and ward off viruses this cold and flu season? I love this article at BioVeda Wellness about preparing for flu season naturally. From eating fresh garlic, to getting enough sleep, to taking Vitamin D3, there are ideas in this article for every family.

In other Vitamin D news, a recent study has linked a deficiency in pregnant women to higher instances of preeclampsia, a pregnancy-related form of high blood pressure. While this study doesn’t prove cause, it does once again shine a light on the importance of optimal Vitamin D levels for those women planning to become pregnant. If you are looking to expand your family, this article is worth a read.

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