Keeping Children Safe from Chemicals and Asthma this Spring

Written by jenstate

Spring is in the air! Well, it may not feel like it yet, but Spring is just around the corner. Not only does this mean we can look forward to beautiful flowers and green grass, but also the pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers and other chemicals that come with them. While I can’t wait for warmer weather, I am not looking forward to all the chemicals that complicate my asthma and endanger the growing lungs of our children.

Babyminding was recently contacted by an organization called about petitioning the EPA concerning pesticide drift, which is when pesticides creep away from the fields where they are applied into the living and playing spaces of nearby homes and families. The chemicals in this drift can contribute to asthma and cause headaches and nausea in children. is helping those concerned with this issue create and send emails to officials at the EPA who can make a difference. is suggesting a buffer zone to minimize pesticide drift and better protect our children and families. Please read more about their efforts here and take action!

I recently read this article at that discusses alternatives to traditional fertilizers, weed killers, and other harmful chemicals that our children can’t seem to escape this time of year. The article offers real world, safe alternatives to chemicals like vinegar and corn gluten for weed control. The article also brings up a valid point that we can’t be sure if our Spring-time hay fever allergies are true environmental allergies, chemical sensitivities, or both.

Please use common sense this Spring to protect your kids from the effects of dangerous chemicals. Pay attention to labels and take a look at what and BioVeda Wellness have to say. Oh, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

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