The FDA Finally Updates Stance On BPA!

Written by jenstate

The FDA says it is (finally) taking reasonable steps to reduce human exposure to BPA. You can read the FDA guidelines and other information here. They also recommend throwing out all scratched bottles and sippy cups to reduce the chance your child will ingest the chemical.

What’s my take? As Tela referenced in her post about why the FDA is wrong about the safety of BPA, the fact that the chemical companies were funding the testing of a chemical they use in their products makes me suspect of anything the FDA says about BPA. For me, the bottom line is that with or without BPA, we can’t be sure that plastic containers that get microwaved, run through a dishwasher, or otherwise heated or scratched aren’t leaching chemicals into the food or liquid inside. My plan is to get rid of most plastics, hand wash what I keep, and use glassware when possible to minimize my family’s exposure.

Tell me, what are you doing to reduce your child’s exposure to BPA? What do you think of the FDA’s change of heart?

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  1. Finally! We are a family that has replaced our plastics with glass. There are no leaching worries with glass 🙂

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