Get The Lead Out, Put The Cadmium In?

Written by jenstate

Thanks to my neighbor, Lisa, for bringing this report at to Babyminding’s attention. Now that Chinese manufacturers are barred from using lead in jewelry and toys for children, they have resorted to using cadmium instead – a metal that is number 7 on the CDC’s list of most hazardous substances. Wow! So we tell foreign manufacturers through the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 to stop using a toxic substance, and they replace it with an even more toxic substance.

Zinc is a safe and non-toxic alternative to lead, so why isn’t it being used? I’m sure this has to do with money. I would assume that the price of cadmium is less than that of zinc. When will we say enough and bar ALL items that are high on the toxic substances list from being used in products for children? Did your child get any jewelry for Christmas? If so, what do you plan to do about it? My daughter has some adorable jewelry that she loves, but we will be looking for safer alternatives. If your young child does wear jewelry, please be sure she keeps it out of her mouth.

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