Going A Little Greener In 2010

Written by jenstate

If you’ve been reading Babyminding for some time, then you know Tela, our founder, is quite “green”. It’s a passion of hers and one I well respect. She recycles everything she can, avoids artificial food ingredients, and buys heavily on the organic side. She avoids chemical cleaners and drives her road ready electric cart whenever she can. Having said that, I tend to be mildly green. Sure, I recycle, turn off the lights, wash almost all my clothes in cold water, and drive my golf cart when possible. (I should mention here that we live in a community with over 90 miles of cart paths throughout that allow us to leave our cars at home for most short trips.) In 2010, one of my resolutions is to go a little greener. Here’s how I’m planning to do it:

  • After reading this post by Hip Organic Mama, I’m looking to buy local and/or organic strawberries. I had no idea so much chlorine was used in their transport!
  • I will use more baking soda and vinegar in my daily cleaning rather than chemical cleaners. I have terrible asthma, so come cleaning supplies cause me to cough right away. I’m sure the fumes aren’t good for my little ones, either.
  • I will try to locate and purchase some grass fed beef from my area. After referencing an article about seven foods to avoid, I had better practice what I preach. The same goes for apples!
  • I will stop using dryer sheets when I dry my clothes or purchase environmentally friendly ones.
  • I will decrease the amount of catalogs, junk mail, and paper statements I’m receiving.
  • I will use my reusable bags more often. Yes, I have them, I just have to remember to take them with me to the market!
  • I will have my children help me recycle and talk to them about the use and reuse of items.

Tell me, how will you go a little greener in 2010? What are your green resolutions for the new year?

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  1. Found my way over here from the natural parenting blog 🙂 I love that you intend to go more green! I am too, but oddly enough I already do most of what is on your list, and have never even thought about the fact that they are greener! For example, we have always bought local strawberries…but thats because there are always local streetside sellers, plus the storebought ones I just find nasty lol no flavor! Anyway, just wanted to show some love and encouragement for going greener! Yay!

  2. Ashley,
    Thanks for the comment and for checking out I’m taking baby steps right now in my quest to become a more responsible consumer. I’m sure many folks are already doing much more. Please feel free to share our site with others and share what else you are doing for green and natural parenting in your own home!

  3. “I have terrible asthma, so come cleaning supplies cause me to cough right away. I’m sure the fumes aren’t good for my little ones, either.”

    With all of the research that has been done and made public, and the alternatives, I’m amazed sometimes how many people don’t realize what they’re doing to themselves and their families with the cleaning products (and so many other household products) that they are using. This is something I am passionate about. My mother took the time to do her research and get an alternative into our home when I was a teenager, an alternative that I’ve taken into my own home, so I’ve lived in a toxin- and chemical-free home for years. I would encourage you, and everybody you know, to watch this video ( Household toxins are something everybody needs to be educated about. Any resolutions to “go green” should definitely include finding alternatives to all toxic household products – and there is so much more available than baking soda and vinegar!

  4. Larita,

    Thanks for the comment! I use a green carpet spot cleaner called Green Genie. You can find it at I’ve just borrowed a steam mop from a friend to give that a try. I plan to get one soon so I can clean the floors with water only. I use hypoallergenic/fragrance free laundry detergent. I use baking soda and vinegar in the kitchen. I am down to only using chemical cleaners in the bathroom and have been for some time. I make sure the kids are not around when I clean those areas. If you’d like to suggest green ways to clean the bathroom, I’d be glad to hear them.

  5. Jen,

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I’d love to tell you about the products I use in my bathroom – talking about cleaners makes me way happier than it should! Such is the life of mothers, I guess. Feel free to email me (lecarroll at if you’re really interested and I can get you some information on them.


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