Babyminding Introduces Jennifer!

Written by Tela Kayne

This year has been a exceptionally busy one and as a result I have not been able to update as often as I would like.  There has been so much in the news lately that is so relevant to Babyminding – topics such as H1N1 pandemic and vaccine, BPA and toxic product reform,  the Copenhagen Climate Summit…the list goes on, and I’ve neglected to report on most of them.

And so, I’m very excited to introduce a new member to the Babyminding team!  Jennifer is a hard working mom to two awesome kids, ages 3 and 5.   She is dedicated to healthy living for her family, is well-versed in all things parenting, understands first hand how to mother a special needs child, and she has a great sense of humor when it comes to the day-to-day challenges of raising a family.

My name is Jennifer, and I’m the mother of two adorable children, a girl (5) and a boy (almost 3). Parenting presents itself with a wealth of new experiences and decisions to be made. My parenting philosophy is based on a healthy body, healthy mind approach. Not only do I suffer from asthma, my family suffers from cancer, high blood pressure, and mental illness. I scour the internet for information on how to reduce the chances of these illnesses to give my children the strongest minds and bodies possible. My daughter suffers from Auditory Defensiveness, a sensory processing disorder. Controlling her diet and physical activity, while arming myself with information, allows me to be the best parent I can be for her. Experience breeds perspective, and I look forward to sharing mine and reading yours.

Welcome Jennifer, we’re so happy to have you on board!

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