The current law regulating toxic chemicals was passed in 1976. And it hasn’t changed since, even though 20,000 new chemicals have come onto the market since then.

Babies are born pre-polluted with 300 industrial chemicals in their bodies when they enter the world.

Environmental Working Group is asking for your voice to be heard. Do you feel it’s wrong that many¬†products on the market today are responsible¬†for children to be born with hundreds of toxins present in their newborn bodies? If so, sign The Declaration.

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  1. Todd custer

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    I have found info that Teflon coated pans can release pfid fumes when heated. Pfid is listed as a possible chemical warfare substance and has caused at least two deaths. I inadvertantly inhaled these fumes for over two hours. If anyone has info on treatment options or has had a similar experience I would be grateful for input. I stink at gmail but my phone no. is 8606459120. Dupont stinks pun intended

  2. Todd custer

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    I inadvertantly inhaled fumes from an empty Teflon coated pan that was left on the stove while I slept for three hours. When I awoke my apartment was full of fumes. I have not been the same since then. Choking, coughing, shortness of breath and constant fluid in my lungs have been a nightmare. My doctor gave me prednisone and asthma treatment but I fear that my health will never be the same. Copd may be inevitable but I am trying to learn as much as possible as fast as possible to effectively treat or cure this malady. If there is anyone who might be able to shed light or share a similar experience I would be grateful for input. Dupont makes me sick, pun intended.

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