Dare to Compare - Fruit Rolls

Written by Tela Kayne


Every kid loves sticky, sweet fruit rolls.  I ate tons of them when I was a child (and occasionally enjoy them as an adult!)  However, instead of the traditional fruit roll-ups that I grew up with, I’ve been buying my girls the organic version (surprise!) made by Stretch Island Fruit Co. – FruitaBu.  Below is a comparison of ingredients between Strawberry FruitaBu Organic Smooshed Fruit and Strawberry Fruit Roll-ups.  Hopefully you can see why I made the switch.  And I guarantee the organic version is just as tasty!

Ready to make the switch? You can purchase FruitaBu Fruit Rolls here!

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  1. Jennifer State

    i have never even considered buying a fruit roll up for my kids. I mean, why would I buy such a thing? I was disappointed to find out that Jacq has had them at preschool as part of her snack. Ridiculous. I do give my kids treats. My biggest problem is giving Kiefer Nilla Wafers. I am not perfect. But a fruit roll up? Crazy.

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