Toxic Sleep? Flame Retardants Found in Toddlers' Blood

Written by Tela Kayne

Naturepedic - Crib Mattresses-160x600Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a study that found that toddlers have three times the blood levels of toxic fire-retardant chemicals as their mothers.  These flame retardants, known as PBDEs, are hormone disrupting chemicals and can found in sleepwear, mattresses, furniture and electronics.

“Children’s developing brains and reproductive systems are extraordinarily vulnerable to toxic chemicals. In the case of PBDEs, laboratory tests in peer-reviewed studies have found that a dose administered to mice on a single day when the brain is growing rapidly can cause permanent changes to behavior, including hyperactivity. Children’s bodies may not metabolize and excrete toxic chemicals as readily as adults.”

I already avoid flame retardant sleepwear for my daughters and am now researching organic mattresses.  Afterall, since kids spend half their day in the beds, doesn’t it make sense to make their sleeping environment as healthy as possible?  More can be read about PBDE’s at

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