Surviving Colic

Written by Dana

Is There Really Such a Thing as Colic? LOL

-By Dana

OK…this is the first time I am blogging/posting so bear with me 😉

When my youngest son was about 5 weeks old, he was diagnosed with colic. He was crying inconsolably for hours at a time, mostly in the evenings and at times during his feeding, and right after his feeding. It killed me that everything I tried wasn’t stopping the crying. Finally, we gave in and brought him to the doctor. He said that little Gabriel has the classic symptoms of Colic and “Good luck”. Great…

I immediately, like Tela, went to the internet and all of my baby books (which everyone laughs at me for having – let them laugh – I love them). Each website I went to defined colic as the crying for three hours a day or more for three weeks, yada yada. Some said colic is not medically based, that it has nothing to do with the digestive tract, and others said it has a direct correlation to acid reflux, etc.

After completely confusing myself, blaming myself, and crying I turned to my friends – the real experts. I just want to say that I am so thankful to have my friends – they were the best form of support and resource I could ever find. Here are some of the great comments/ideas that were given to me to help console Gabriel “colic”:

  1. Bathe him with soap/bubble bath that has lavender and other calming herbs
  2. Wine – an lots of it (for Rich and I of course!)
  3. The 5 S’s – Shhhing, swaddle, sucking (pacifier), swing, side-lying/stomach position
  4. Car rides
  5. Walks
  6. Bring him into a dark, quiet room and play calming music and rock him
  7. Ear plugs 🙂
  8. Walk around with the baby in a Bjorn or sling
  9. With the baby in the Bjorn, bounce with him on an exercise ball
  10. Gripe water
  11. Change the formula, if feeding formula to a lactose-free (or soy if that does not work). If breastfeeding, review your diet and maybe take out dairy, etc.
  12. Use baby oil or calming lotion and massage the baby’s belly in a backwards “C” motion
  13. If #2 doesn’t work, try hitting the hard liquor (this came from a dear friend that nannied for a long time)
  14. Acidophilus – get the powdered version (I like the Baby Jarro-dophilus). I give Gabriel 1 billion colonies in a bottle each day. It is known to help with digestion.
  15. Medication for the reflux – think baby Zantac
  16. Mylicon – ehhhhh
  17. Chamomile tea (see below for how I make it)

OK, after reading all of those great ideas, I went to work and here’s what worked for Gabriel. Please note that every baby is different and what worked today to calm the baby may not work tomorrow (do I sound like one of those websites with my disclosure? LOL).

Gabriel is on Axid now as he definitely has reflux. Unfortunately it is medication, and I would rather not give him anything like that b/c he’s so young – but it works!!! I give him the acidophilus daily – he poops daily – LOL. At about 4 p.m., I give him a bottle with gripe water (I highly recommend Baby Bliss gripe water. I didn’t believe in gripe water before b/c none of them seemed to work – this one does!). When he is super fussy, I make him tea. I make Chamomile – 1 cup boiled water, let the tea bag sit for about 3 minutes, add 6 packets of sugar, add one cup cold water, give the baby about 1 ounce (with gripe water if you’d like). I give him Mylicon, but rarely – I am up in the air if it works for what he has. He is formula-fed, so we changed his formula to milk based but lactose free and that has helped his mid-bottle crying. Our nighttime ritual of bath with calming herbs, then PJs and swaddle, and bottle is our saving grace. He sleeps after that (about 7 p.m.) and doesn’t get up for a feeding again until 1 – 2 a.m.! He does sleep in a swing and I dreaded doing that b/c I know it’s going to be painful to get him to sleep in the crib but if it allows us all to get sleep – he will swing!

Each night I wait for the “witching hour” – sometimes it starts at 5 pm, sometimes he’s completely fine all night. I know now not to blame myself, it is nothing I did. I feel terrible when I hear the painful cries – but know that I am doing all that I can to comfort him. They say colic subsides at about 3 -4 months of age. Gabriel is 8 weeks old and I don’t want to rush him growing up any faster than I think it’s going, but I can’t wait!!

Oh, and we drink a lot of wine 😉

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  1. I didn’t even know that gripe water came in flavors…good to know though!! I bought the original one. whew…

  2. It’s so funny to look back at this…Gabriel’s going to be 2 in August. Gabriel was a lot better after the 3 month mark. All of the people that told me that would be the case – I apologize for all of the grumbling and bad names I associated you with during those hard weeks. 🙂

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