Polycarbonate Plastics and Your Family's Health

Written by Tela Kayne

– By Tela

I wanted to piggy-back on Mandy’s post regarding green pregnancy and provide a little more information on the danger of plastics, especially those containing polycarbonate which is found to leech toxins such as Bisphenol-A into your family’s food and drink. These toxins can mimic various hormones in the body which in turn can stimulate cancer and other problems. Young children and babies are at greatest risk; so it’s important as a parent to make sure your child’s exposure is limited. I found an excellent guide, IATP Smart Plastics Guide from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy that provides detailed information on the danger of plastics. The bottom line, avoid using plastics when you can but if you can’t, only use #1, #2, #4, and #5 plastics as referenced in the middle of the recycle symbol.

Product Quick Guide For Baby Bottles and Children’s Sippy Cups

Avoid the following Plastics

Bottles: Avent; Dr. Brown’s; Even Flo (clear); First Years; Gerber (clear); Platex VentAire; Sassy; Tuppercare

Sippy Cups: Gerber Suzy’s Zoo & Sippy Snacker; Playtex First Sipster & Sparkling Sipster

Safer Alternatives:

Bottles: Born Free; Evenflo Glass or Pastel Plastic; Gerber Opaque Plastic; Medela Breastmilk Storage Bottles and Storage Bags; Disposable Bottle Systems with Plastic Inserts (e.g. Playtex Nurser/Drop-Ins)

Sippy Cups: Born Free; Avent Magic Cup; Evenflo Cups (inner lining); First Years Take & Toss; Gerber Color Change, Sport Fun Grip & Soft Starter; Playtex Sipster; Big Sipster & Quick Straw

Click IATP Smart Plastics Guide for more detailed information.

Thank you for Reading!

– Tela

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