• Written By Tela Kayne

    A few nights ago at a local restaurant, a waitress made a comment to my husband and I that her 7 year old son is starting to take his toys for granted. She said he received around $1500 in toys for Christmas, including a Nintendo Wii, but that his first question after opening all of his gifts was, "Why didn't you get me a Playstation 3?" This has stuck with me for several days as I look around my daughters' playroom filled to the max with toy after toy. How do I avoid spoiling my children in a world where materialism and instant gratification are so rampant?

  • Written By Bryn Huntpalmer

    Decorating the nursery is a special and important part of welcoming a new addition to your family. However, so many household products are filled with toxins that it’s difficult to find a way to make your baby’s space free from dangerous fibers and chemicals. Here are a few of Modernize’s best ways to help you create a beautiful, safe place for your little one. Room decoration When painting and decorating your new nursery, choose paints free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and make sure to air the room out after painting and carpeting. If you want to stay away from wall to wall carpet, as it can hold onto dust and other allergens, choose rugs made from natural organic cottons,


Our goal at Babyminding is to provide you with the information you need to make healthier choices for you and your family. It’s never too late to start change for the better! 

Did you know that childhood allergies, learning disorders and autism spectrum disorders are at an all time high? Or that obesity is rising at such a rapid rate that by 2020, 3 of 4 Americans will be obese? And even more disturbing is that many of these chronic issues can be remedied through simple changes in the products we bring home!

Babyminding began as an effort to raise awareness among the parenting community about the rising threats to our children’s health. We hope to inspire you to make small changes in your daily routine that will help benefit your child’s overall wellness. Make the decision to switch over to “green”, non-toxic, cleaning supplies, stop using chemical pesticides in your lawn, or simply change your child’s bath soap. Little steps can go a long way!


“I hope to help both new and experienced parents by filtering the various parenting resources and provide the most pertinent & reliable information that is naturally inspired.” 


“My parenting philosophy is based on a healthy body, healthy mind approach. I scour the internet for information on how to reduce the chances of illness to give my children the strongest minds and bodies possible”


“ I am so thankful to have my friends – they are the best form of support and resource I could ever find.”


“I hope some of your readers can make healthy changes in their home. It takes a little time and effort, but I sleep sound knowing that I am doing what I can to protect my family.”



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